There is always room for celebration!

Sønderborg International School has a strong academic focus but the whole community is committed to the belief that academics need not compromise one socially active school.

All through the year, the school hosts different events, – the Diwali festival, the Holi festival, the Halloween celebration, the Christmas Show, the Winter ball, Fastelavn, and the Second-hand Market.

Sønderborg International School would very much like to recognize the sense of community feeling and the efforts students, parents, and staff always perform to make the different events possible. Thank you!

SIS - Xmas 2022 38
SIS - Xmas 2022 44
SIS - Xmas 2022 33
Holi festival - 13
Holi festival - 39
Holi festival - 48
SIS - Xmas 2022 16
Holi festival - 36
SIS - Xmas 2022 77
SIS - Xmas 2022 72
SIS - Xmas 2022 43
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